What to Expect When You Replace Your Windows

If you’re getting ready to replace the windows in your home, you probably have many questions about the process. Which style windows should you choose? Are low-E, double-paned windows the best choice? What frame material is the most energy-efficient?

There are a couple of questions, though, that are often left off the list:

  • What does the replacement window installation process involve?
  • What happens if your windows aren’t installed properly?

To get the most out of your window replacement investment, be sure to do your research to select the best, most reliable, and skilled installers in the business. There’s absolutely no need to suffer from a bad window installation!

The Cost of Improper Window Installation

New windows are a significant investment, yet too many homes have been marred by the improper installation of replacement windows. When you pay good money to have your windows upgraded or replaced, you rightfully expect the job to be done correctly and efficiently.

When windows are improperly installed, both you and your home can start to feel the effects quite quickly.

  • Gaps are the most apparent sign your windows aren’t installed correctly. There should never be a gap between the frame and sill. If there is, the frame is too large for the glass.
  • Drafty windows make your home uncomfortable and affect its energy efficiency. Drafts or breezes of any kind have no place in newly installed windows.
  • Water damage can lead to wood rot and the growth of mold and mildew.
  • Operational failure occurs when your new windows don’t open or close correctly.
  • Messy caulking is easy to spot and means the installer didn’t take the time to do it correctly.
  • Fog between the panes is a sure sign of a lousy replacement window installation job.

A Proper Window Installation Replacement Process

In a perfect world, every replacement window installer would do the job right the first time. Sadly, that isn’t always the case. Zen Window’s installation process ensures every single one of your new windows is installed correctly. We provide personalized replacement window installation services from local owners dedicated to making sure you receive nothing but the best service.

Our friendly window installation crews have years of experience and expertise and are OSI-certified and LEED-certified. They understand what you want from the installation process and consistently deliver with:

  • Open and honest communication: You know your project manager’s name and contact information from day one.
  • Handy tips: We’ll tell you ahead of time how to prepare for installation day.
  • Convenience and reliability: Unlike some other replacement window installers, Zen Windows never overbooks appointments or shows up late. We’re at your home to install your new windows at a time that’s convenient for you. And there’s never a rush to complete a project so to get to the next job.

Put Your Trust in Zen Window’s Replacement Window Installation Process

Lower energy bills, improved curb appeal, and minimal maintenance are just a few of the reasons to replace your home’s existing windows. At Zen Windows, we want to make the replacement window installation process as enjoyable as possible. That’s why we put so much emphasis on getting the job done right the first time!

We’re proud to provide our customers with a stress-free, no-pressure approach to replacement window sales and installation. To learn more or schedule window replacement services for your home, check online for the location nearest you or call us.