Window Replacement vs. Glass Replacement

Are you looking at a window with damaged or aging glass and weighing whether it makes more sense to replace the glass or replace the entire aging structure?

Today, we’ll discuss why we strongly suggest whole-window replacement over glass replacement for most homeowners in most circumstances, for reasons including the difficulty of glass replacement, the potential drawbacks after the fact, and the benefits of a complete replacement.

Replacing Window Glass Can Be Difficult

First, let’s consider the viability of window glass replacement for your windows. If you have double-paned or triple-paned windows for energy efficiency — as many homes with modern windows do, and all probably should — then replacing the glass becomes significantly less viable in terms of achieving a clean replacement at a reasonable cost.

If you have single-paned windows that need new glass, replacement is viable — but single-paned windows are costing you money in energy year after year and should probably be replaced if possible anyway.

Looking for Other Damage

If you need replacement glass, it’s pretty rare not to have other damage to your window (barring a situation where a nearly-new window gets its pane shattered). You’ll want to look for visible damage to the window frames, fogging and leaking of moisture on or around your frames, draftiness from poor seals, poor operability and components that get stuck or don’t move easily, and other structural issues.

If you have other window damage, you have a strong incentive to go for a full replacement — and if the frames are warped or damaged enough, glass replacement might not even be a decent option, much less the best one.

Replacing your windows lets you eliminate these visible and hidden flaws to your windows in one move, without spending money on new glass for damaged windows — especially since damaged windows are more likely to damage that new glass and put you back in the market for windows or glass.

Benefits of Full Window Replacement

Finally, it’s worth considering what you stand to gain from investing in new windows instead of glass replacement. New windows improve your home value and reduce your energy costs more than just replacing glass, especially if you’re replacing old or inefficient, low-quality, or damaged windows with modern high-efficiency windows.

You can also take the opportunity to change things up in terms of window style, aesthetics like color and hardware, etc.

If you’ve always wanted a bay window, like the way casement windows work more than single-hung or double-hung, or want to add some extra character for increased curb appeal, window replacement lets you achieve those goals.

Learn More About Window Replacement

Your windows are an important component of your home’s safety, energy efficiency, and appearance — so make sure you’re taking proper care of them and replacing them as necessary instead of taking half-measures!

Want to learn more about the benefits of window replacement and why glass replacement is rarely a sound investment? Contact the window experts at Zen Windows today by calling.