Why Are My Windows Hard To Open?

Sticky Windows Can Be More Than an Annoyance

Opening a few windows during nice weather can create a great cross-breeze, getting rid of the stuffy, stale air in your home. But if your windows are stuck or hard to operate, the process can be frustrating. In many cases, a bit of cleaning and maintenance can make your windows work much better, but in some situations, the restrictions may indicate deeper problems with your windows.

How To Make Your Windows Open More Easily

Often, problems opening your window can be due to some dirt or grime in the tracks. A little cleaning and lubrication can often make them work like new again. Faulty locks and years of paint accumulation can also be culprits, along with ill-fitted screens or foreign objects in the way. Here are a few tips that can help you solve most window opening issues:

  • Check the tracks and sill plates for obstructions like loose hardware or toys.
  • Ensure the screen is mounted properly and not warped or damaged.
  • Ensure the lock mechanism opens and closes freely, and add lubrication if necessary.
  • For smoother operation, clean the tracks to remove all traces of sand, dirt, dust, and debris.
  • Lubricate the tracks with a long-lasting Teflon or silicone-based lubricant.
  • On awning, hopper, or casement windows, lubricate the hinges, so they move freely.
  • Check for swollen, chipped, or loose paint, and remove any that is interfering.

Single- and double-hung windows are sensitive to paint accumulations and debris in the tracks, while casement or awning windows can suffer from corroded hinges or misalignment.

Slider windows can become hard to operate when debris falls in the tracks or the mounting screws loosen up, creating unnecessary friction. Remove the operable sash to clean the tracks thoroughly.

When To Consider a Window Replacement

Problems opening a window could also be a symptom of damage to the window itself. The springs or counterbalance may have failed, leaving the window hard to open or unable to stay in position while open. Such windows can make it hard to exit in a fire, or they can close abruptly, causing injuries, and should be replaced as soon as possible.

Warped, bent, or swollen, water-damaged frames and sashes could also cause the problem, which is especially common with wood or aluminum windows. Upgrading to a modern vinyl or fiberglass window can virtually eliminate warping or water damage problems while improving your comfort, cutting energy costs, and reducing maintenance requirements.

Quality Vinyl & Fiberglass Replacement Windows

Turn to our team at Zen Windows when you need to replace your old, damaged, or difficult-to-operate widows. We offer high-quality, energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows and fiberglass replacement windows, both of which are durable, low-maintenance alternatives to wood or aluminum windows.

Our products feature a full lifetime warranty and are available in three distinct series with a wide range of color, style, and glass options. At Zen Windows, we make it easy to upgrade your windows, with great incentives like:

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To request your free, no-obligation window replacement quote, call today or contact us online to find your nearest Zen Windows dealer.