Which Patio Door Style Is Right for You?

You Have Options, and the Choice Is Yours!

If it’s time to install new patio doors in your home — either for the first time as part of remodeling, or to replace your current outdated, worn-down, or inefficient patio doors — you’re going to quickly discover you have two major options to consider: Sliding glass patio doors and French-style patio doors.

Today, we’ll look closely at each style, what they are, the benefits and drawbacks of each, and when you might choose one over the other. By the time we’re done, you’ll have a complete picture of your options, and you’ll know the right style for your home!

Sliding Doors

Sliding glass patio doors are perhaps the most common patio door in North America. While you’re undoubtedly familiar, let’s cover the basics just in case.

Sliding glass doors are made of large panes of glass on a track, allowing one or more of the panels to slide aside so you can enter and exit.

You might also see the same type of construction, albeit at a different size, used for a bathtub or shower door or as a side-to-side sliding window.


  • Require very little room
  • Familiar, popular style
  • Slightly less expensive
  • Let in lots of light
  • Cheaper installation
  • Tight, reliable seals


  • Privacy concerns without blinds or curtains
  • Price can climb quickly with additional panels
  • Doesn’t always match the aesthetic of traditional homes

Sliding glass doors make sense when space is at a premium in your home, a tight seal is a high priority, and you want to have a vast, uninterrupted view of your patio and beyond.

French Doors

French-style doors are less common but still popular. Unlike sliding glass doors, French patio doors use hinges and open in or out like a normal door from hinges on the side.

Most commonly installed as double doors, French doors are, like sliding-glass doors, primarily made of glass. If you want something more ornate or dislike dealing with a sliding glass door track, French doors are an excellent option.


  • Versatile designs ranging from highly ornate to modern and functional
  • Open very wide for ventilation
  • Traditional aesthetic suitable for homes where sliding glass doors may not be appropriate
  • Less maintenance than sliding glass


  • Start more expensive
  • Gaps between panels can be security and air infiltration weak points without care
  • Require space to swing open
  • Less popular with buyers

French doors make sense if you’d love to have a huge source of ventilation (or for moving things in and out of your home), you want something more ornate than your average sliding glass door without investing in multiple panels, and you have the room for them the open freely.

Trust Zen Windows for Patio Door Installation

Sliding glass and French-style doors both make an excellent addition to your home, so you shouldn’t feel obligated to choose one or the other as a “correct” choice for your home. The best door or window upgrade will always be the one that satisfies you the most and helps you meet your goals.

No matter which style you choose, you can trust Zen Windows to install a high-quality patio door you can rely on to be functional, efficient, and beautiful for years to come.

Contact us online or call to learn more about the patio door options available from Zen Windows in your area!