What to Expect From a Professional Window Company

When it’s time to replace their home’s windows, many homeowners decide to tackle the job themselves or have their regular, reliable handyman do the work. But that can cause more problems than you’d think — and hiring a professional window replacement company makes better sense for many reasons.

Here’s why going it alone or with a non-professional installer isn’t the best option and what you should expect from the professional window company you hire.

Reasons Why DIY Window Installation Isn’t Worth It

Is it ever worth it to replace windows on your own? The short answer is no. Unlike other DIY home improvement projects, when done correctly, window replacement is a time-consuming and exacting process that requires an advanced degree of skill.

Here are our top reasons for never trying to install a window yourself.

  1. Reduced energy efficiency: Windows must have an air-tight fitting to deliver the ultimate energy efficiency. Unless you’ve replaced hundreds of windows, it’s possible your fitting will be slightly off, resulting in drafts and higher energy bills.
  2. Reduced curb appeal: A non-professional is more likely not to finish window installations in an aesthetically pleasing way. There’s a subtle art to window installation that can only be mastered through professional experience.
  3. Security issues: Improperly installed windows may not close and lock properly, making it easier for intruders to break into your home.
  4. Necessary tools: Most people don’t have the tools needed for proper window installation and, if you buy them, you likely won’t need to use them again.
  5. Time-consuming: Most professional installers take about an hour to replace a window. DIYers or handymen with little experience will find it takes them far longer to complete the job, including the time it takes to watch YouTube videos.
  6. No guarantee: Professional installers offer warranties and guarantees for their materials and labor. When you do it yourself, you have no such protection.

What To Expect From a Professional Window Replacement Company

When you need to install replacement windows, the benefits of hiring a professional to do the job are unsurpassable. And once they’re installed, your home has a beautiful new appearance that should last for decades. When you work with a company like Zen Windows, here’s what you can expect.

  • Expert advice from an experienced professional: A company that performs window installations day in and day can help you avoid common pitfalls and obstacles you’ve probably never thought of. They’ll also advise you on the best options for how to stay within your budget and, when it comes to choosing the windows for your project, they’ll guide you on which window styles might work best for your home’s style.
  • Professional project analysis and planning: A professional window installer ensures your window replacement project meets your goals, objectives, and expectations. They’re skilled at using their years of experience and expertise to suggest options and alternatives that will transform your home’s appearance and energy efficiency.
  • Top-quality products with the latest designs and technologies: A professional window company offers top-quality window brands from companies that continually update their products to incorporate the latest technological advances in building materials and design.
  • A proper window installation replacement process: The replacement window company you choose should guarantee each one of your new windows is installed correctly. Installers should be OSI- and LEED-certified, always on time, and communicative during your project.

Why Choose Zen Windows for Your Window Replacement Services

Long-term equality, performance, and satisfaction are a given with a reputable replacement window company. At Zen Windows, we back all our products and work with warranties and a satisfaction guarantee. If a problem arises once your installation is complete, we’re here to get it corrected quickly, efficiently, and properly. Can your handyman say the same?