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The Best Sunroom Windows

A sunroom – or "solarium" if you're fancy – is a way to enjoy all the good things about lounging outside without the bad. Cold, heat, UV rays, bugs or rain don't have to be endured when a room has the best sunroom windows filtering everything out except natural light and open views. The right sunroom replacement windows will create a spectacular space unlike any other in your home. This will significantly boost your property's resale value and enhance the time you and your family spend indoors. However, choosing the wrong windows for sunrooms could do the opposite and increase your energy bills and decrease your home’s curb appeal.

Homeowners should know what windows for their sunroom are available on the market and how they can be a positive rather than a drain on their finances and fun. Zen Windows has learned from years of experience about how considering the local climate and window placement can make or break the success of a sunroom. Here are some tips we've accumulated to help you pick the best windows for your sunroom and create a space in your home that adds both comfort and monetary value.

Can Anyone Add a Sunroom to Their Home?

Technically speaking, any room is a sunroom that permits copious amounts of natural sunlight. Large windows fill up what would otherwise be solid walls and ceilings. We recommend you focus on installing windows for sunrooms facing south, as this is where the sun spends most of the day before setting in the west.

When people do make differentiations, there are two general types of sunrooms:

Three-Season Sunroom - If you decide to build an addition to your home – distinct from the house – and make it into a sunroom, it will be what's known as a three-season sunroom. The room will likely not be connected to your house's heating and cooling systems and either have its own or none. Depending on what part of the country you live in will determine the room's comfort level in winter. A three-season sunroom is typically easier to install sunroom windows from floor to ceiling and all around the perimeter except the entrance, where doors separate it from the main home. 

Four-Season Sunroom - Any existing space inside your home converted into a sunroom is known as a four-season sunroom. It will be connected to your HVAC systems to stay temperature regulated throughout the year, enabling you to use it comfortably no matter what part of the country you live. Installing sunroom windows in existing house space is a little more limited. Windows will typically not be able to extend to the floor because of HVAC ducts and wiring within the knee wall.

Energy Efficiency Helps Sunroom Windows Pay for Themselves

You can create a sunroom in a preexisting space or an addition to your home. Many people choose to repurpose breakfast nooks or family rooms to take advantage of the beauty of mother nature. However, effectively creating transparent walls can have adverse effects if you  don’t use the right glass. 

The best sunroom windows overcome the adverse effects of extensive natural lighting by having energy efficient qualities. Zen Windows carries high-quality windows with components and features that will make it easier to control the temperature of your sunroom and put less stress on your HVAC system – significantly reducing your monthly energy bills in the process. 

Zen Windows also gives clients options for energy efficient features. Qualities from the glazing on the glass to the style of the window will make a big difference depending on the climate, window placement, ventilation and what side of the home your sunroom is in. 

Casement windows, for example, open like a door and provide more ventilation than single-hung windows. Casement windows will be a better option for south or west-facing rooms that receive the majority of natural light when the day is hotter and can be opened to allow cool breezes to keep the room comfortable.

Other styles of windows available at Zen Windows with different methods of operation include:

  • Double-Hung Windows
  • Picture/Fixed Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • And More

Find a Dealer Offering Many Options for Sunroom Windows

Sunrooms are an excellent way to take advantage of natural light and bring it into the home. The combination of savings and added home value will make sunroom windows practically pay for themselves over the long run. 

It would help if you considered several things when planning your sunroom to maximize your monetary and emotional investment. Finding a sunroom window dealer with plenty of options and customizations will help you be successful. Zen Windows has some of the best windows for any sunroom, with several styles and features to suit anyone's needs and budget. Please take advantage of our extensive inventory and the Zen Process to beautify your home and make it much more comfortable and efficient.