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Useful Information to Know About Sliding Glass Patio Doors

The best sliding glass patio doors on the market today will maximize your home's style and energy efficiency. Installing a new glass patio door is a simple and effective way to boost the value of your home and make it a more enjoyable place to live. Zen Windows works with leading manufacturers using innovative technology to bring you better value than can be found anywhere else. With multiple locations across the U.S, we can give our clients the attention and service they deserve. A big part of what sets Zen Windows apart is the time we take to help clients find the right products for their needs. Here is valuable information before choosing a sliding glass patio door for your home.

Practical and Great Looking

Open up more possibilities for comfort and pleasure in your home with a glass patio door from Zen Windows. Windows and doors serve a practical purpose and have evolved stylistically over hundreds – even thousands – of years. A sliding glass patio door is relatively innovative in homes because of the fact that it acts as a door and a window. The kind of glass and components used in their construction matters.

At the very least, a glass patio door will give you these practical and aesthetic benefits:

  • A more comprehensive view of the outdoors and your backyard.
  • A large entry point for fresh air (when open) and natural light to enter your home.
  • A stylish focal point that improves the look of your home.

The way a sliding glass patio door functions is simple. Two paneled sections are installed, one fixed and the other resting upon a track. Rollers between the tracks allow one panel to be opened and closed horizontally – a much more efficient use of space than standard doors that open outward. You can choose if you want your glass patio door to open by rolling to the right or left. 

The innovations manufacturers apply to glass patio doors today can extend their benefits further. The best sliding glass patio doors have features that enhance your unique lifestyle, primarily through more energy efficiency and security. 

Energy-Efficient Glass Patio Doors

 Knowledgeable consumers today are looking for home improvements that make a valuable difference in their lives. Products that can make their homes simultaneously more comfortable and affordable to operate are a win-win. With energy prices rising, any homeowner will appreciate a product that helps them regulate indoor temperatures and reduce stress on HVAC or other heating and cooling systems. The best sliding glass patio doors allow homeowners to lower their energy bills.

A high-quality sliding glass patio door does this with thermal insulation. Zen Windows glass patio doors have composite gaskets that create an air-tight seal. Air and sound cannot escape in or out. Heating or cooling your home is made more efficient because HVAC systems don't have to work harder to compensate as much for the outdoor weather.

The glass also adds more thermal insulation to regulate indoor temperatures. Zen Windows gives you different glazing options for UV blockage. The sun's UV rays not only bring heat into your home but radiation that will damage furniture and floors over time.

Added Security

Security and safety have improved dramatically since the first glass patio doors came out in the early-to-mid 20th century. The shatterproof glass used today is much less dangerous, especially in active households with children. A sliding glass patio door is also surprisingly secure against break-ins. Glass patio doors from Zen Windows have features like heavy-duty multi-point locking mechanisms that make it incredibly difficult for thieves to enter or young children to get out of your home when properly engaged.

Keeping a sliding glass patio door from Zen Windows secure when locked is easy and foolproof, thanks to the smooth operation of its high-quality components. Our glass patio doors come with aluminum-capped thresholds, high-strength screen frames, reinforced vertical sash stiles and other features that will keep them performing perfectly for decades. 

Buy From a Trusted Dealer

One last piece of information to know if you're thinking about getting a glass patio door is to buy from a dealer you can trust. You'll know you're getting the best value when a company stands behind its products. 

Zen Windows does so with an industry-leading warranty that exceeds industry standards. When buying any of our products, you receive two warranties – one from the manufacturer and one from us. Our warranty covers everything from the glass to repair services, and remains in effect even if transferred to new owners. 

Installing a new glass patio door is an easy way to beautify your home and make it more energy efficient. The best sliding glass patio doors on the market today are at Zen Windows.