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A Helpful Guide To Replacement Casement Windows

Casement replacement windows are trending, and homeowners have questions about how to incorporate them into the style of their home and how they perform compared to more common window types – like single and double-hung windows. Clients of Zen Windows often look for windows that do it all, enhancing the beauty of their homes and adding energy efficiency and overall value. 

If you want to make home improvements that help regulate indoor temperature, provide superior ventilation, and look great, replacement casement windows may be the all-in-one solution. However, where you buy casement replacement windows matters if you want performance that lives up to the hype. Finding your way here to Zen Windows is half the battle. All that’s left is to use the helpful information in this article to guide you toward choosing the best casement window replacements to satisfy your needs.

What Is A Casement Window?

Unlike standard single and double-hung windows with movable sashes that slide up and down to open, a casement window has hinges and opens like a door. A lever or hand crank on the interior side allows the glass to outwards to a 90-degree angle. A casement window can be installed in any space, though it is often found in kitchens, bathrooms and basements. 

When most homeowners shop for a casement window replacement, they pay a lot of attention to the type of glass to be installed. The glass is essential, especially if making your home more energy-efficient is a priority, but the material surrounding the glass is just as important.

Are Vinyl Casement Replacement Windows A Better Value?

Of all the materials available for window casement replacements, vinyl offers the best value for your money. Vinyl has come a long way in the last few years. At Zen Windows, you’ll find high-quality vinyl casement windows that last decades and require much less maintenance than wood. Vinyl is a much better insulator than another alternative, aluminum, which rates poorly for energy efficiency because it transfers heat between your home and the outside so easily.

Vinyl replacement casement windows are the most affordable option out of all materials. While some Zen Windows locations also carry fiberglass replacement casement windows, we typically recommend vinyl for consumers wanting the best value. Contact Zen Windows to find out what is available and to hear more ways vinyl may deliver the right performance at the best price.

Casement Windows Will Help Your Home Become Energy Efficient

If you’re trying to maximize energy efficiency in your home, lower energy bills and relieve stress on your HVAC systems, replacement casement windows are a great option. Non-fixed casement windows have fewer moving parts than single and double-hung windows, providing a tighter seal against airflow. Vinyl can help maintain the temperature of a room better without cracks along the edges for heat transfer to take place. Vinyl material around the frame will make your home almost impervious to outdoor drafts and heat or cold loss.

Casement windows are exceptionally suited to keeping air out or letting it stream in when you want. Since the glass is attached to hinges, casement windows open like a door and ventilate a room or keep it cool much better than most other window types. You can significantly reduce the energy used to cool your home with casement windows on a breezy day.

Specialized glass is used in high-quality casement windows like those found at Zen Windows. Glazing to filter out the heat of the sun and its harmful UV rays can be applied to the casement window glass. Different coatings work more efficiently depending on the climate where you live. Contact Zen Windows to discover the options that will work best for your home. 

Are Casement Windows Right For You?

Casement replacement windows have a beautiful look and the best features for homeowners looking to maximize their energy efficiency. Most people would choose to save money on energy bills if they could, so deciding if they are the right choice for you comes down to if their style and operability match your preferences. Zen Windows carries vinyl replacement casement windows in several types to accommodate you, with advanced features to make them among the best value replacement windows on the market today.