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Information On The Cost Of New Windows

New replacement windows are a practical home improvement with the capability to give you much more in return than the time and money you put into them. Many factors influence the cost for windows, such as materials, features, and number needed – but even the most economical choice from the right dealer will give you enough energy efficiency to pay for themselves over time. There is also the enjoyment of their style, smooth operation, and boost to your home’s resale value to consider. 

With several Zen Windows locations across the U.S., we know that clients still want to know how much they’ll have to spend before they realize any return on their investment. It’s a good question, and the truth is that the average cost for window replacement is more affordable than most think. Learn more about the benefits and value you can expect when buying from Zen Windows.

What Factors Determine The Cost Of Window Replacement?

Exactly how much is a replacement window? It varies depending on many factors. A dealer like Zen Windows carries several lines of replacement windows to accommodate our clients’ budgets. We also inform people that replacing windows one room at a time is a common practice, helping them to be more cost-efficient. Our windows also have features and qualities that will raise or lower their price. However, just because you choose the lowest average cost of windows available at Zen Windows does not mean they are low quality.

The old windows that need to be removed before new ones are installed will also affect window replacement costs. For example, if you are replacing wood windows and the wood is rotten, more work may have to be done to ensure your replacements will fit. Window replacement prices will also be higher if you are installing them where no windows were before.

Material Plays A Big Part In Average Cost Of Windows

The material they are made with is probably the factor that most determines the cost of new windows for your house. The most common materials used in residential windows are:

  • Wood
  • Aluminum
  • Fiberglass
  • Vinyl

Most homeowners are moving away from aluminum and wood and towards fiberglass or vinyl windows for many reasons. Wood has been popular forever but requires enormous maintenance as moisture warps them over time. Wood is also not the best material for separating indoor and outdoor air. Aluminum will last much longer than wood with minimal maintenance but is an even worse insulator. Condensation and moisture will commonly make it through aluminum windows to drip on your sills, floors, and furniture. Aluminum also transfers heat far too easily to make your home energy efficient.

Vinyl And Fiberglass

You can find vinyl and fiberglass windows at Zen Windows, though not every location carries the latter. The average window replacement cost for vinyl windows is much less than for fiberglass. 

Vinyl performs exceptionally well and is long-lasting – between 20 to 40 years – and does a great job of resisting warping, fading, or contracting due to sunlight, heat, rain, or cold, thanks to the durable PVC and other materials in its construction. You also get a large number of style and size options with vinyl. We typically recommend viny when clients ask us how much is a window replacement.

Stretch The Value Of Your Investment With Energy-Efficient Features

Updating the style of your home and letting in some natural light aren’t the only benefits of new windows. The cost of window replacements is offset by the energy savings you’ll realize with the right product. Zen Windows has customizable window lines, including features that will help you maximize your energy savings by making your home more energy efficient. 

Energy efficiency is achieved by insulating your home from outdoor temperatures and weather. When trying to heat or cool your home, the air can escape through the glass and other window materials into the outside and vice versa. Heat transfer (or cold transfer) makes it harder to regulate indoor air temperatures. Your HVAC and heating/cooling systems will work harder to compensate, leading to higher energy bills and more wear and tear on these components.

Features like glazing have become more effective at filtering the sun’s heat and UV rays from passing through, making it easier to keep your home cool and protected. UV rays are one of the leading causes of damage to home goods, such as furniture, fabrics, wood, and floor coverings. 

Zen Windows allows you to choose how many panes of glass you want to separate your indoor environment from outside. Double and triple-pane windows provide much better insulation than single-pane options, though, in hotter climates, you might find single-pane and UV glazing a better value. Overall, the cost of replacement windows is negligible compared to the savings you’ll accrue over their lifespan.

Replacement Windows To Boost Your Property Value

Zen Windows sweetens the deal you can make with prospective buyers by offering a warranty that exceeds industry standards. You get one from the manufacturer and one from us, covering all materials and services for the entire lifespan of your windows. New owners have the option to take control of the warranty when you sell. 

The average cost of window replacement depends on many factors. Buying from a reputable company like Zen Windows with the products and services to stretch the value of your investment will offset the price, as will energy-efficient features that help you save more on energy expenses monthly. You can find out exactly how much window replacement costs for your home by calling your nearest Zen Windows for a free quote.