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Special Shape Window Installation & Replacement

Special shape windows offer homeowners the most creativity when choosing to enhance their home’s exterior and interior appearance. With a wide selection of styles, materials, and configurations, the possibilities are virtually endless for you to create a geometric design that will inspire awe from your neighbors and guests. Zen Windows is able to replace hard-to-find, custom windows that are a distinctive feature of your home.

Zen Windows has installed and replaced special shape windows since 1998, working with clients to deliver a design that’s uniquely theirs. Find your dealer today to get started on your special shape window project.

What Are Special Shape Windows?

Special shape windows—also known as specialty shape windows or geometric windows—are known for being anything but rectangular. Offered in a variety of shapes and sizes, these unique windows act like miniature art installments throughout the home, adding layers of creativity while allowing additional light into your home. Since they are a type of picture window, they’re inoperable and serve more as a way for light to shine through and to add sophistication to the home.

Homeowners can choose to install these windows separately or alongside operable windows for increased form as well as function. For example, you can install an eyebrow window above a double hung window for a unique take on the traditional round top window.

No matter what unique style you have in mind, Zen Windows can deliver a design that exudes elegance. Find your dealer to get started on your project today.

Types of Special Shape Windows

Specialty windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each one is specially designed for your home for a perfect fit every time. Zen Windows offers a variety of special shape window types, including the following:

  • Circle, half-circle, and quarter-circle windows
  • Gothic windows
  • Hexagon windows
  • Octagon windows
  • Pentagon windows
  • Transom windows
  • Trapezoid windows
  • Triangle windows
  • And much more!

Ask a Zen Windows dealer about what special shape windows are available for your home project.

Pros & Cons of Geometric Windows

Special shape windows have many benefits besides increased curb appeal and overall aesthetics. Like other picture windows, since they do not open, they have increased energy efficiency because there are no drafts or increased ventilation concerns. And, because they’re inoperable, maintenance is incredibly simple. If you plan on selling your home in the next 10 years, adding custom windows may allow you to increase the asking price on your home, offering a strong return on your investment.

Geometric windows can be more difficult to obtain from other window companies due to their increased level of customization, but Zen Windows is happy to supply them! Just tell us what you need and we’ll make sure we help you pick the perfect shape and size for your space.

Zen Windows works hard to ensure quick and easy installation. Find your local dealer to find out what options are available.

Choose Zen Windows for Installation & Replacement

No matter what your dream design may be, Zen Windows has the experience and skills needed to make your vision come to life. We offer our customers a no-money-down guarantee with a double warranty backed by the manufacturer and Zen Windows. Skip the sales pitch—when you call Zen Windows, you speak directly with the dealer for a no-pressure experience.

Find your dealer today and get your free window replacement quote.

Discover the Zen Windows Difference

Our windows are transparent, and we believe the process should be, too. No hassle, no hard sell: just quality products.

No-Money-Down Guarantee
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Resources For Our Customers

We believe knowledge is key to a successful home project. Browse our library to learn about window trends, materials, options, and more.

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