Double-Hung Windows in Denver

Double-Hung Window Installation And Replacement Services From Zen Windows

The double-hung window continues to be Denver’s most popular window replacement option. The classic look can complete any home’s exterior aesthetic with unlimited design options.

Composed of an upper and lower sash which can be adjusted independently of one another, the double-hung window is both functional and pleasing to the eye. Both sashes can also tilt inward for easy cleaning and maintenance on every floor.

With the perfect combination of beauty and practicality, double-hung windows provide major benefits to any home, but are perfectly designed for an upper floor. Get a quote today and see how affordable it is to install double-hung windows on your home.

Double-Hung Windows For Any Architectural Style

In many homes, double-hung windows are the top choice to replace single-hung windows for their function and beauty. With the option to move and tilt each sash independently, these windows can be opened and cleaned in different configurations.

Double-hung windows are most commonly found in these types of architecture styled homes:

  • Colonial
  • Craftsman
  • Farmhouse
  • Cape Cod 
  • Tudor
  • Victorian

Since double-hung windows are vertical windows that have sashes that can open from the top and the bottom, they are a perfect way to add air flow and ventilation to any room. They can also be configured with other double-hung windows or paired with picture windows to create the desired look and style.

Double-Hung Window Brands

Your home deserves a well-built double-hung window that combines style, function, and price. Zen Windows only works with top window manufacturers to ensure you only get the highest quality double-hung windows on your order.

The manufacturers that we partner with who provide our top-of-the-line double-hung windows are:

  • The Aeris Line from ProVia
  • The Endure Line from ProVia
  • The ecoLite Line from ProVia
  • The Imperial Elite Line from SoftLite
  • The Classic Plus Line from SoftLite
  • The Barrington Line from SoftLite

At Zen Windows, we only carry the highest-quality brands to help us provide you with 100% satisfaction. Because of our commitment to excellence, certain window brands are only available at select Zen Windows locations.

Call (303) 658-9990 or locate your local dealer online to find out what window brands your local Zen Windows carries for your installation or replacement project.

Double-Hung Troubleshooting Tips from Zen Windows

Having issues with your newly installed double-hung window? Our quick video can help you with some tips and tricks for double-hung window care.

Have more questions? Your Denver Zen Windows team can help! Call us at (303) 658-9990 or contact us online right here.

Double-Hung Window Gallery

See how a double-hung window can improve the curb appeal of your home by viewing some of the beautiful, high-quality double-hung windows available in our catalog.

Not sure where to start? No worries! Give us a call at (303) 658-9990 or start your FREE quote online right here and your nearest Zen Windows location will reach out to walk you through some of the best options available.


Double-Hung Window Installation And Replacement

Zen Windows is your premier partner in window replacements across Denver. When you work with us, you’ll get a no-money-down guarantee and double warranty protection from both Zen Windows and the window manufacturer.

When you call Zen Windows in Denver, you won’t get a high-pressure sale. You will work directly with a window consultant, who will listen to your ideas and help you find the best solution.

Start the process of getting new windows installed with Zen Windows, and find out why we are Denver’s favorite window company.

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Double-Hung Window FAQ

What are some of the benefits I can expect from double-hung windows?

Double-hung windows offer some amazing advantages over the traditional single-hung windows that are most often installed during construction. Some of the biggest benefits include:

  • Easy to clean: Both sashes tilt inward providing easier access to both panels for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Added security: Advanced locking systems and the ability to ventilate using the upper sash help keep your home safe and secure.
  • Increased air flow: Both sashes can open independently which provides increased ventilation and air circulation.
  • Effortless operation: Spring balances support double-hung window sashes when they open and close, helping them glide smoothly with minimal effort from you.
  • Stylish and affordable design options: Flexibility in your design options and budget since the choices available with double-hung windows are practically endless.

Is there a size limitation for double-hung windows?

While we do offer a wide variety of sizes to fit your needs, double-hung windows can be made as small as 15 inches wide by 23 inches tall to as large as 54 inches wide by 85 inches tall.

How do double-hung windows operate?

Double-hung windows are composed of two movable sashes, slightly offset from one another to open and close vertically within a window frame. Unlike single-hung windows, the upper sash on a double-hung window can be lowered, and the bottom sash can be raised to create ventilation and frame a lovely outdoor view. Double-hung window sashes also tilt, so you can easily reach the outside surface for cleaning as needed.

Are double-hung windows energy efficient?

While the construction of double-hung windows is designed to increase ventilation, there are some ways to ensure your windows provide optimal energy efficiency for your home.

The frame and sash construction are critical components of a double-hung window’s performance. Vinyl is durable, versatile, energy-efficient, attractive, and the most cost effective material available. Choosing high-quality, vinyl windows like the ones offered through Zen Windows, is a great start to improving the energy efficiency of your home.

Features such as foam insulation, weatherstripping, water barriers, dual-pane glass, and a low-E coating will add even more efficiency to your home’s windows. 

Change how you see the world from your home when you work with Zen Windows. We revolutionized the way homeowners purchase windows, and have the reputation to prove how successful we’ve been in improving the process.